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The Calan Data Ranger which is our Total Mixed Ration (TMR) Mixer with Precision weigh system designed for research. 

Thoroughly mixing, accurately dispensing and precisely measuring feed consumption during the studies is fundamental to the research process. The Calan Data Ranger is designed to efficiently handle all of these tasks in a single system.

The Calan Feeding System Overview

Each animal is fitted with a Calan Key that serves as the identification for each animal throughout a study. The Calan Key is designed to allow the animal access to only one Calan Door where it's specific feed rations are dispensed. Animals cannot access their pen mates’ feed, providing the researcher the control they need to conduct precise testing. The Calan Fence is the barrier between the animal and its feed and is where the Calan Door is securely and safely mounted. The appropriate Calan Feed Bin is selected for your system based upon your animals and environmental requirements. These bins will accommodate any type of feed material and withstand the physical and environmental elements for many years. The Calan Data Ranger mixes the desired recipe then travels to the feed stations to dispense individual rations as prescribed by the researchers. The Calan Data Ranger can also be equipped with a precision way back system which is integral to the data collection process.

The Calan Feeding System consists of several components that have been designed specifically for research environments. These components work in harmony to deliver research quality data with precision.  Each Calan System is designed specific to your facility, the animals you are working with and the testing you plan to conduct.


The primary components of the system are the Calan Feed Stations and the Calan Data Ranger.

The Calan Feeding System

Calan Data Ranger

Calan Feed Stations

TMR Mixer | Built for Research

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