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The Calan Data Ranger

The Ultimate Link Between Data and Feeding

It’s scale system has the sensitivity needed for Precision Feeding and weighing of feed refused

With software designed specifically for our scale system you can create recipes for groups and dispense specific rations to induvial animals as prescribed

The only Vacuum Equipped TMR mixer for easy and precise weigh backs

Ideal height of feed discharge when feeding animals individually in bins

It’s size and capacity is ideal for the research barn

High speed, thorough mixing of recipes

Calan Data Ranger Key Features








(2.0) Cubic Meters  |  (70) Cubic Feet

1,500 Lbs.

16 HP Twin Cylinder

L(97")  W(63")  H(70")

Avery Weightronics 2060


The Calan Data Ranger

The Ultimate Link Between Data and Feeding

Specifically Built for Research

Many institutions have found that traditional TMR mixers designed for the bulk feeding of livestock are not as effective when used in research environments. Accurate mixing, dispensing, and weighing of feed rations as prescribed by the researchers is critical when conducting research.


The Calan Data Ranger (CDR) TMR mixer is purpose built for research facilities. The CDR is highly maneuverable with ideal capacity and a precision weigh system to accomplish these tasks effectively and efficiently. The Calan Data Ranger a key components of the Calan Feeding system or as a complement to any facility where precision feeding of livestock is required.

Calan Ranger Mate

Feed Cart Purpose Built for Limited Research

The Ranger Mate can serve as a versatile piece of equipment used to perform a Varity of tasks. Here are some examples that some of our partners have used The Ranger Mate:

Ideal for Small Batch Feed Dispensing

Precise Scale System Designed for Research: ideal for feed refusal weigh back

Laboratory or Small Ruminant Animal Use (Sheep, Goats)

Weighing of Small Animals

Dumping via Tilt Motion






(12) Cubic Feet

400 Lbs.

L(51")  W(32")  H(41")

193 Lbs.

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