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Door Shell Assembly

The Calan Door shell is one of the most recognized components in the cattle research industry. The Calan Door shell physically restricts unauthorized access to individual animal feed stations and houses the Circuit board and solenoid.

System C Insert

The System C animal key uses the same RFID technology as the circuit board. Each animal
key is preprogrammed by American Calan to a specific animal Id. This animal key is what authorizes your
animal to access their individual animal feed station.

Master Key Insert

Also known as a Master Key, is a diagnostic tool used to conveniently check animal doors/System C circuit boards for proper function. The Master key is programmed in such a way that its capable of opening any Calan Door equipped with a System C Circuit board.


A durable rope used to hang the key around the animals neck.

Circuit Board

The “System C” circuit board is the heart of the Calan System. It controls the Calan Doors ability to unlock for the authorized animal. The System C circuit board utilizes RFID technology and has many upgrades from the legacy System A & B boards. Those upgrades include better range, diagnostic lights that indicate power and the presence of an animal key, and most importantly the ability to field program the circuit board to a desired channel with the use of an animal key and magnet.


These custom made polyethylene locks are used to join the end of the polycords together.
They are strong enough to hold the rope under normal use but if the animal was to become entangled, they would be far more likely to allow the animal to break free than a similar metal lock.


Used to join the Animal Key to the polycord. The shackle also orients the key so the channel number is facing out and helps to reduce wear that would happen if the rope was run directly through the key.

Solenoid Assembly

The Solenoid assembly is the component in the Calan Door that locks the door closed to prevent unauthorized access. The solenoid is controlled by the circuit board when the authorized animal key is present.

Fiberglass Beef Tubs

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