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Calan Door 

Simple in its design, the Calan Door is the workhorse of the system. The Calan Door has an ergonomic design that promotes easy animal acceptance. Once unlocked, the angled door provides unobstructed access for the animal, promoting relaxed and natural feeding alongside pen mates. When the animal withdraws from the feed trough, the spring-loaded door automatically closes and locks. However, the animal can immediately revisit the feed trough as many times and for as long as it wishes. There is no “lock out”. The Calan door contains a circuit board that controls the electronic functions of the door and lock. The door is lightweight but will withstand the toughest environmental conditions for many years.

Calan Feed Station

The Calan Feed Station consists of several components that have been designed specifically for nutritional and environmental research. These components work in harmony to deliver research quality data with precision. Each Calan System is customized to your facility, livestock and testing requirements. Each Calan Feeding System is designed for efficient operations, flexibility and maximum durability. Many of our systems have been in place for 10+ years. 

Calan Key

The Calan key hangs from a neck cord on each research animal. The proximity of the sensor key to the animal’s head prevents the locking mechanism from triggering open before the animal is in feeding position, thus preventing a pen mate from accessing that animal’s feed tub.

Calan Fence

When we design your Calan Fence it is customized to your barn, your animals and your research requirements. When properly designed and installed by certified Calan technicians you can be confident the system will be an asset to your research facility for decades.  The fence has unique features that ensure accuracy of data, flexibility to animal sizes and overall dependability of the Calan System. Certified Calan Fence systems will reduce your operational costs.

Calan Feed Bins

Each Feed tub can be customized to suit your research requirements. Whether you need extra length or depth for larger feed quantities or high-capacity dairy cattle rations, or even younger animals including calves, we’ve got you covered. 

Calan High Rise Fence System

The Calan Feed System can be designed to include our optional High-Rise Fence system. During periods when research studies are not being conducted the High-Rise system can be utilized to store the entire Calan System above the Barn Floor.  This unique feature maximizes the flexibility and efficiency of the valuable space allocated for research.

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