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At Calan, we believe that livestock nutrition is fundamental to the health and well-being of individual animals, herds, our world’s food supply, and our environment. It directly impacts the productivity of our farmers and the feed producers they rely on. As society’s needs evolve, modern and effective research is crucial to ensuring all aspects of livestock nutrition are optimal.

Researchers need accurate data to deliver trusted results from their studies. For over 50 years, the world’s experts in nutritional research for livestock have trusted the Calan Feeding System to conduct their studies. Our system is simple in its function, dependable in its design, and most importantly, accurate in the data it yields. The Calan Feeding System is the only system that can deliver the precise, accurate data researchers require.

Join us in our commitment to advancing livestock nutrition and supporting the dedicated researchers who make it possible.

Thousands of Successful Studies Completed 

In Use at Hundreds of Leading Institutions Worldwide

Individualized Feeding = Precise Data Output

Designed for your Research, your Animals and your Facility

Built to Last, Efficient to Operate

News and Updates


NEW prototype for the CALAN Modular Feed Manger!

Our team has been busy designing and field testing the prototype for the bottom for the Calan Modular Feed Manger.  Soon the Manger Systems will be suitable for all barn and Calan fence configurations including when bunk side floors are on the same level as the animal side.  Our also confirmed that cows prefer eat their feed on a Calan Manger floor vs. concrete.  Can you blame them?

How are your current feed bins holding up in your facility?  Let us design a feed storage system that is modern, research quality and built to last for years.

Check out our CALAN Data Ranger in action!

CALAN Data Ranger | The TMR Mixer Designed for Research

CLICK HERE to watch our CALAN Data Ranger in action.

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We are privileged to work with many of the top agricultural institutions around the world. Scientific research is at the core these organizations. Calan is proud of the role our technology plays in conducting this vital research in the field of animal nutrition.

Designed for Research

Calan Feeding System

We are innovating and we want your input!

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